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My Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Spring is a good time to start new things. That’s especially true in a four season climate that encourages hibernation. After a long winter (snow still on the ground), I wanted to share an update and a newsletter with you.

Last summer, following our family’s move from Chicago to Minneapolis, I transferred my work in leadership development from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to a private coaching practice. The location is different, and I miss seeing my colleagues regularly, but the substance of the work is similar: I teach, coach, and facilitate on topics related to personal development and leadership through work with individuals, groups, and organizations. While I continue to work with Booth MBA students, I now also have the chance to work with others who want to develop themselves.

You may not know it, but each of you has helped make this private practice come alive. THANK YOU.

Now for the newsletter…I hope you enjoy it! I invite you to sign up below and add this email address to your contacts. It would really be no fun to write to myself! 

Also, if someone comes to mind as you read it, I would be grateful if you would forward this to them.

With love,