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Self Expression

Sometimes I find it hard to describe what I do. I think it comes down to teaching self-expression to rising leaders: I help my clients express themselves more fully so they can make their unique imprint on the world.

This is a photo of me at a young age expressing a relaxed determination and sense of adventure. 

Life challenges, beware! I will throw my sticks at you!

If you know someone who wants more creativity in their leadership, work, or personal life, I would love to meet them.

Here are three current examples of what my clients want help with:
– Sharing their ideas within groups 

– Expressing disagreement during moments of conflict 

– Participating more fully in networking events 

– Getting to know new people & deepening relationships 

Who are my clients? They are…
– Talented, ambitious, and caring people

– From the U.S., India, Brazil, Germany, and beyond

– Building rewarding lives that balance achievement & wellbeing