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Sharing your genius

My friend and client Henry, an entrepreneur and philosopher, shared a powerful concept in our recent conversation. He and his team are building Baugarten, a world-class game that intertwines STEM learning with expansive thinking. During our chat, Henry brought up the ancient origins of the word “genius,” which he believes resides in all of us (from his piece, Make Your Work Into A Gift: How To Become A Genius). 

I believe this, too: we all have a genius within us. Genius isn’t a label for the few; it’s within each of us, ready to be discovered and shared. Many wisdom traditions remind us that ignoring this inner call can lead to dissatisfaction; embracing it transforms your work and life profoundly.

One of my services is to help people of any age, title, and background discover and figure out what to do with their genius. Want to learn more?

Many people approach public speaking with hesitation when it could really be a way to share your genius with others. I offer targeted public speaking coaching as a part of my leadership coaching portfolio, so you can make a rapid and meaningful improvement in your next presentation. 

We’ll have two key sessions: 

Discovery and preparation: Identify your needs and set the groundwork with tailored homework. 

Presentation walk-through: Fine-tune your delivery and strengthen key areas.

What I’ve been up to

March – May: Coaching working professionals and business, policy, and social work graduate students enrolled in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Leadership Lab course

April: Attending the Center for Coaching in Organizations 2024 Summit

May – June: Coaching a cohort of UnitedHealthcare leaders enrolled in a University of St. Thomas executive leadership course

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